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My first post here, methinks

This year... has been most unproductive for my muse on the art front. I've only managed three wallpapers in as many months, one of which I'll have to go back and rework at some point. Alas... Here you have it!

They're all for Havemercy, one of the most brilliant books I have ever had the chance to read!

(they're focusing more on tertiary characters, though. Sowee!)


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Niall (very original title, no?)


Margrave Royston (again with the originality!)


Burning Fire


Just two simple character pieces and a Niall/Amery piece, because my god I loved that pairing!

But, my friends, there are RULES!

  •  do NOT repost anywhere else without my permission;
  •  do NOT alter the images in any way and then repost them, claiming them as your own (yes, that includes fucking FANPOP);
  •  do NOT hotlink;
  •  just respect my work, alright? I put time and effort in them.
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