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Wow, ok. Hello everyone, it's been a long time since I've last posted to this community. I'm Marilyne btw, formerly marilyne_22 now known as madmaewest. :)

So my muse has been dead for quite a long time but it's slowly coming back to life even though pretty much all of these icons and wallpapers are something like 6 month old.

To see my previous art updates click on the tag !maker: marilyne_22 or visit Shadow of the Day.

40 icons
[12] Ashley Greene
[1] Ashley Greene & Kellan Lutz
[3] Rachelle Lefevre
[8] Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner
[2] Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner & Robert Pattinson
[6] Kristen Stewart
[9] New Moon

4 wallpapers
[2] Merlin
[1] Supernatural
[1] Btvs


As always...

+ credit me when using my icons
+ wallpapers are for your personal use only
+ no editing
+ no hotlinking
+ no redistribution
+ please comment if you take
+ enjoy :)
+ resources


'Future King'

1680 | 1440 | 1280

A simple Arthur piece I made back in June, I think. I actually made a layout out of this wallpaper. I may upload it to my site one day, if I ever stop feeling so lazy lol.

'Lost and insecure'

1680 | 1440 | 1280

That too I made a long time ago. A simple Dean/Castiel piece because I love their overall love/hate relationship. I still haven't finish watching season 5 yet. I know, I'm so behind lol.

'The darkness to your light' MERLIN SEASON 3 SPOILERY!

1680 | 1440 | 1280

I know pretty much every Merlin fan has already made a wallpaper, a blend or an icon with this quote but I had to do one too lol. Pretty simple: light VS darkness.


1680 | 1440 | 1280

The most recent wallpaper I've made, I think it was back in December. I always make a 'The Body' wallpaper whenever I feel blue. Somehow it helps me evacuate my sadness and I always feel better afterward.

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